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Our family’s love for olive oil started with our passion for fresh and nourishing food. The oil that we use to prepare our food is an essential part of our body and nutrition. Our journey began by our desire to find the land, trees, and the people that will help us in producing the quality olive oil that we sought for years.

The quality of our oil starts from the very beginning. The land. The Turkish Riviera and Mesopotamia have been the home of olive trees for millennia. The combination of diverse and fertile soils, warm sea with optimal climate along the shoreline of the Aegean and Mediterranean waters make the Turkish Riviera and Mesopotamia perhaps the most hidden source of premium extra virgin olive oil.




Our olive oils are crafted delicately from olives harvested from the Turkish riviera using local knowledge that spans over generations of olive farmers. Our extra virgin olive oil is a product of love and passion curated from the renowned regions that are owned and operated by the community

Our olives are cold pressed within hours of harvest after hand picking the greenest olives, and it is as close as it gets to fresh olive juice. The result is a delightfully well-balanced and fresh olive oil with intense fruity and herbal aromas that enhances any dish it’s paired with.


generational  Knowledge


Our olives are hand-picked from the Turkish riviera and Mesopotamia using local knowledge that span over generations of olive farmers. Our farmers and community work tirelessly to combine their ancestral knowledge with modern techniques to bring us the most exquisite olive oil there is.

The land provides the fruit, and they provide the lustrous extra virgin olive oil that is brought to your kitchen. It is a cycle that has been undisturbed for a very long time that we are passionate to protect. When you support us, you also support a community that has looked after these fertile lands for centuries.