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  • The extra virgin olive oil in this bottle is carefully and passionately crafted from the one of a kind Trilye olive. Our Trilye olives are harvested in Antioch (Hatay), one of the oldest settlements in Mesopotamia where irrigation was invented. Snow melting in the mountains creates annual flooding that flourishes what is normally hot and dry soil. The unique combination of this spring water, silt and fertile soil has made Mesopotamia one of the finest sources of premium olive oil for millennia. 

    Our Green Select variety is a robust EVOO that smells of fresh cut grass and Levant herbs. It is a robust oil that is intensely herbal and bitter which complements soups, pizzas, meats, and vegetables as well as fish. You can smell the aromas of tomato vine, green herbs, and artichoke with a peppery finish.


Cold Pressed